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Hello! I am a full stack web developer.Not too long ago I was working in the field of cancer research. While I was working I observed the disruptive innovation of technology which was slowly changing industries. This got me interested and I wanted to learn more and be a part of this innovation. Having decided to take a plunge, I joined the Web development immersive program at General Assembly. Trying out something new is what excites me.Cooking and traveling are my passion - one satiates the senses, the other the soul!



Javascript, Ruby, HTML, CSS


ReactJS, Rails, Nodejs


Postgres(SQL) , MongoDB(NoSQL)


Github, Jquery, Bootstrap



Flexit is a fitness webapp to discover full length workout videos. Users can select a video to workout or follow one of the curated workout plans. It is a webapp built with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, ReactJS and Bootstrap CSS framework.
I am involved in building features like user dashboard where users can keep track of their workouts, bookmark their favorite videos, keep track of the notes, adding workout tags to the videos and so on.

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Users can find recipes based on high/low carbohydrates, fat,protein,etc. Nutrilicious is different as filtering is based on % of nutritional content in each recipe rather than daily values. The data is seeded by making 3 api requests sequentially and calculating the nutritional value of each recipe from individual ingredients. Tools used: node.js,express, MongoDB,mongoose,AngularJS,CSS

Live Demo Github (backend) Github (frontend)

Travelogue is an online destination where travelers can explore and plan their itineraries for the cities. They can select a city, view all attractions or filter them by interest. You can also do a radius search to find other attractions from a given point. Travelogue is a single page application built with rails backend (backed by PostgreSQL database) and Javascript/Jquery, HTML and CSS as the front end.

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